Software Developer

Company Name:
Global Payments, Inc.
Job Title: Software Developer
Department: Accelerated Payment Technologies
Country: U.S.
State/Province: Nevada
City/Town: Henderson
Exact Job Duties to be Performed: o Create new software products, modules and features.
o Design and code software features that adhere to delivered design requirements.
Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: o Perform unit testing of code created.
o Perform load testing against web applications and collect statistics of application performance for analysis.
o Participate in the testing/fix quality assurance cycle. Lead and Collaborate with other developers on feature integration into a larger system.
o Maintain existing software products and services.
o Correct software deficiencies.
o Add features and enhancement that adhere to delivered design requirements.
o Participate in weekly status meeting and periodic planning sessions.
o Provide weekly updates on project progress to project/program management.
o Research and make recommendations to the team regarding new technology available and its proper application.
o Contribute to the product specification process.
o Review and provide feedback on specifications created by others.
o Negotiate with product marketing/stakeholders on technical issues that impact deliverable goal viability.
o Draft documentation for development projects.
o Comment code to provide clarity during later rework/reuse projects.
o Create rough draft documentation of software products for revision by QA and technical writers.
o Utilize experience with .Net 2.0+, Visual Studios 2010, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft C#, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET web development, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and , Microsoft WCF, Webservices, Microsoft Winforms, Webforms, and WPF.
o Utilize knowledge and experience in data migration and synchronization between different database formats.
o Utilize knowledge and experience using Source control to maintain source code integrity and track code modifications.
o Utilize knowledge and experience writing Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Views, creating database constraints, indices, and general database normalization rules for Microsoft SQL databases. Utilize knowledge and experience with Agile methodologies.
o Utilize knowledge and experience with integrating to a payment service.
o Utilize knowledge and experience in applying object oriented programming concepts, n-tier application development methodologies, SQL database programming concepts, database architecture, stored procedures, query optimization, performance/scalability considerations, and ability to participate in all aspects of the development life cycle.
Required Qualifications Only: o Must have Bachelor''s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related.
o Must have 3 years'' experience in job offered or 3 years'' experience in a position with same duties.

Don't Be Fooled

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