GSM Roaming Manager for a roaming-centric US-based operator

Company Name:
Telecom North America
If you are a Roaming Manager who loves a challenge, who is excited to invent new business models for roaming charges, and who wants to work with a first-class team of mobile technology experts, then Telecom North America's Roaming Manager position is your perfect fit. You will have the opportunity to work with from some of the best in the field in a fast-paced, innovative, entrepreneurial environment where we push the limits of what can be achieved when roaming on a mobile network. We will look to you to continuously negotiate more attractive roaming rates with our roaming partners worldwide, as well as establish new roaming agreements. You will manage our inhouse team of IREG and TADIG engineers who will support you in turning up new agreements quickly. If you thrive in an exciting, fast-paced environment and take great pride in your work, then we want you to join our team of energetic, brilliant, and strategic enthusiasts.

Don't Be Fooled

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