Loss Prevention Manager - Henderson, NV

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Loss Prevention Manager - Henderson, NV Location:Henderson, NV, United States-Galleria/Sunset Mall 1312 W Sunset Rd Job ID:1026617 Date:Today Job Description Requirements - Corp/Field Mgmt Loss Prevention Manager Are you interested in the Criminal Justice field, but not the least bit interested in riding around in a patrol car? Do you know how a business operates and how profitability is affected by having a sound, theft-free, safe work environment? Would you describe yourself as a confident, dedicated leader that can lead a team to or directly handle difficult customer and team member situations with ease? Wellbeing a Loss Prevention Manager in the new jcp might be the position for you! Come be a part of a team that is changing the face of retail forever. The LP Managers role is to keep their store safe and profitable at all times by executing company programs and investigating any suspicious customer or team member activities or behavior in the store. Responsibilities Responsible for leading your team Youve led people before and know how important it is to a) provide your team frequent coaching / feedback, b) focus on differentiating performance across team members, c) empower your team to take control and make good decisions, d) set expectations with your team on what needs to be done and what successful performance looks like, e) find ways to motivate your team to do the best work of their lives, and f) sincerely recognize each and every team member for their individual contribution to the stores success. Responsible for shrinkage and safety awareness programs You know how important it is for the team to understand current shrinkage and safety issues related to store profitability and environment. You can take a company initiative or directive and tailor it to your specific location to ensure you are getting the best return on what your location has to offer. Accountable for record maintenance You or your team is in charge of a lot of detail. The company and law enforcement agencies are depending on you to have complete and accurate reports to assist any investigation that may need to occur for the store. You are always on top of the documentation to ensure everything is complete and in order for the team. Participates in court hearings Youre a pro when it comes to the witness stand. Others may get nervous or forget the details under pressure, but not youYou have the facts, you know the facts, and you are more than willing to educate others on the details. Responsible workplace safety You know that having a safe environment is a critical factor in customer satisfaction and team member engagement. You analyze trends that occur within the store and partner with store leadership to prepare action steps that can be used to prevent future accidents. Responsible for internal investigations You know that one of the major areas of prevention is with store team members and unfortunately, youve got to keep a close eye on them as well. Sure, it can be awkward to investigate someone that you know by checking bags, setting up surveillance, or interviewing but its absolutely necessary to store profitability. Responsible for merchandise protection and safety assessment compliance You periodically walk the sales floor to audit shops to ensure merchandise protection standards as well as operational practices are in compliance with company standards. When they are not, you know who to talk to and what needs to get done. Supports organized crime initiatives You are the eyes and ears on the ground when it comes to company or industry related initiatives to stop organized retail crime. You partner with district teams as well as other retailers to combine forces to identify trends and patterns or collect evidence to stop these crime rings before they even start. Skills and Characteristics: Initiative Youre on the move even before someone asks. You see the opportunities and you go after them! Perseverance You are tenacious and nothing tends to get in your way of accomplishing your responsibilities. Planning You are very organized and use your time wisely in order to achieve strong results. Job Title:Loss Prevention Manager - Henderson, NV Location:Henderson, NV, United States-Galleria/Sunset Mall 1312 W Sunset Rd Job ID:1026617 J.C. Penney Company Inc. Plano, Texas

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