Seeking Massage Therapist for Corp. Health Fair

Provant is a leading wellness company that hires medical/non-medical professionals who like the opportunity to work in an exciting fast paced environment. Our health and wellness screenings take place in corporate settings where poised, confident, driven, and team oriented individuals are required. Our current team is dedicated to providing a professional, energetic, and comforting atmosphere while striving for excellence. Once hired, the incumbent has the opportunity to work local health screenings when they become available. Provant Health Solutions hires individuals on a contract/per diem basis, provides excellent hourly wages, and further onsite training when needed!
Some of our health screenings offer special accommodations for the employees that are participating--one being "therapeutic chair massage"--which is why we need your help! We have openings as soon as 5/21/2014, in Henderson, from 10am to 12:30pm.
Required Skills
+ Currently a Certified Massage Therapist
+ Be able to provide & set up own massage chair
+ Ability to work in a fast paced setting
+ Be able to remain professional at all times
+ Hold high value to patient confidentiality
+ Be a team player
+ Comfortable with one on one interactions
+ Have great customer service skills
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Don't Be Fooled

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